Huddart Park Trail Map

Redwood Nature Trail 0.7 mile

Self-guided trail with trees, shrubs and plants that are identified. This is an easy trail that goes through stands of redwood, oak and chaparral. A portion of the trail is paved. Open to hikers only.

Chickadee Nature Trail 0.7 miles

The mostly level trail features all of Huddart Park's ecosystems and is mostly levelthat accommodates users of all capabilities. The trail traverses three predominant plant communities, coastal redwood forest, mixed evergreen forest and chaparral. What one sees along the trails is the re-establishment of the mature forest that existed before the impact of logging Peninsula. This trail connects to the Redwood Nature Trail.

Archery Fire Road 1.3 miles (one-way)

Archery Fire Road lies on the east side of the park. Parking is available in the Miwok Shelter Picnic Area. This trail is more than a 10% grade and runs partly along Kings Mountain Road, where one can hear vehicles when they are hiking. The trees along this trail will be redwoods, madrone and Douglas firs. Some of the trail tread is base rock but is mostly clay soil. In the winter months this trail is slippery due to the clay soil. This trail connects to the Chinquapin, Dean and Skyline Trails. Horses are welcome.

Bay Tree Trail 0.7 miles

This is a single track trail which features bay trees, redwood and oak trees. This trail begins at the Zwierlein Trailhead and ends on Richards Road at the Meadow. Horses are not permitted.

Richards Road Trail 2.9 miles (one-way)

Richards Road Trail is actually a fire road on the northern edge of Huddart Park. If a hiker begins at the bottom in the Meadow area, it is an easy hike for 0.5 mile and a very good area to see some of the wildlife in the park such as a black tailed deer and coyote. The first section of trail runs along the West Union Creek, and after the first 0.5 mile it becomes steep (more than a 10% grade). The trail surface is clay and very slippery in the winter. The trees you will see on this trail will be second generation redwood, Madrone, and Douglas fir. The trail meets Skyline Boulevard at the park's western most boundaries. This trail is also very popular with equestrians.

Crystal Springs Trail 4.0 miles (one-way)

The Crystal Springs Trail is a single track trail that runs down the northern section of the park and connects to several trails. This trail can be accessed at the Zwierlein Trailhead. There are no panoramic views on this trail but one will experience hiking among redwood, madrone, and oak trees. The trail connects with the Canyon Trail, Campground Trail, Dean Trail and Chaparral Trail. This trail also crosses McGarvey Gulch Creek. Crystal Springs Trail is the only trail that goes from the top to the bottom of the Park.

Dean Trail 1.9 miles

The Dean Trail is a single track trail in the middle of the Park where a park visitor will encounter various trees such as redwoods, madrone, and oak. This trail connects to the Crystal Springs Trail, Archery Fire Road and Campground Trail. This trail can be accessed from the Werder Shelter Picnic Area and the Miwok Shelter Picnic Area. A park user can stop and eat lunch at a picnic table at McGarvey Flat, where they will also be able to see and hear water in the McGarvey Gulch Creek during winter.

Dean - Crystal Springs Loop 4.7 miles

(from Werder Picnic area)

Skyline Trail to Wunderlich Park 5.8 miles

(from Archery Fire Road)
A segment of the Bay Area Ridge Trail that connects Wunderlich and Huddart Parks. Horses are welcome.

Campground Trail 1.1 miles

This unpaved vehicle road is used by visitors to access the Toyon Campground. It is shaded by madrone, redwood and tan oak trees. Horses are welcome.

Canyon Trail 0.4 miles

The Canyon Trail is a single-track trail that closes to equestrians in the rainy season but is open year round to hikers and runners. This trail connects to the Campground Trail and the Crystal Springs Trail. When hiking this trail the visitor will see redwood, madrone, and oak trees. Some of the wildlife seen will be deer and red-tailed hawks.

Chaparral Trail 0.4 miles

Open year round to hikers and runners, this trail is closed to equestrians in the winter time. The trail is in the middle of chaparral and Manzanita, and it slowly winds through redwood and madrone trees.

Chinquapin Trail 1.8 miles

This moderately difficult trail is composed of gravel and soil and leads hikers among huckleberry, toyon and redwood trees. Connect to the Crystal Springs and Dean trails to complete 0.7-mile loop. Horses are welcome.

Kings Mountain Trail 0.7 miles

Beginning in a stunning location above the town of Woodside underneath towering redwoods and oak trees, the Kings Mountain Trail enters Huddart Park near Kings Mountain Road. The Trail meanders for approximately a 0.5 mile past a park service road and the East Meadow Picnic Area until it reaches the West Meadow Picnic Area. From West Meadow, the trail then forks into Richards Road Trail and Bay Tree Trail.

Skyline Trail 0.6 miles

The Skyline Trail is part of the Bay Ridge Trail. This is a single track trail that connects Huddart Park with Wunderlich Park. The start of the trail in Huddart Park parallels Skyline Boulevard which has a lot of vehicle traffic. The visitor will see redwood and madrone trees, sword ferns and huckleberry. A more "in the woods" feeling will be found on the section of the Skyline Trail in Wunderlich Park.

Summit Springs Fire Road 0.6 miles

Summit Springs Fire Road runs north to south in the park. This fire road connects Richards Road Trail with the Archery Fire Road. It also intersects the Skyline Trail. The park visitor will encounter several trees such as redwood, madrone, and Douglas-fir. Since Summit Springs parallels Skyline Boulevard, a visitor will hear a lot of vehicle traffic when hiking.

Huddart Park Map