It is always required that one stay on the marked trails, especially when riding horses, and particularly in the open meadow and grassland areas where endangered plants and animals may exist. Please respect your fellow trail users and follow the guidelines for safe and courteous trail use.

  • When passing horses on trails stop and yield enough space to pass safely – this may require stepping off a single-track trail.
  • Do not run or jump near horses – especially from behind – announce your presence from a distance as you approach by simply saying, "Hello" or "I'm here." Runners must stop for horses.
  • Hikers with backpacks, large hats, walking sticks, strollers and large groups may confuse or excite horses. Again, speak to the rider so the horse recognizes you're not a threat, then follow the riders' instructions.
  • Equestrians must ride safely, courteously and pass all trail users at a walking pace.

Huddart Park Map