Private or group tours of the Folger Estate Stable and the Historic District are available free of charge. The circa 1905 Folger Stable, located in Wunderlich Park, is an architectural and historic treasure.

Fully renovated in 2010, this property was designed by Arthur Brown, Jr., in partnership with Henry Schulze. Later in his career, Brown gained fame for his work on Coit Tower, the War Memorial Opera House, and City Hall in San Francisco. The entire Folger Estate is a remarkable example of Woodside's "Great Estates" era.

Wunderlich Cold HouseThe Folger Stable and the surrounding buildings were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in April of 2004. The protected structures in the Historic District include:

  • the main stable building
  • the carriage house
  • the stone walls lining the roads on the grounds
  • the blacksmith barn
  • the cold house

Visitors can tour the five structures while learning about the history of the property and its residents. The tour culminates with a visit to the Carriage Room Museum. The museum highlights the rich history of the estate property and surrounding area. Exhibits include a life-size replica of a blacksmith shop, original 19th-century carriages, the history of the Folger and Wunderlich families, development of the Folger Coffee Company, and a timeline of local and national history. The exhibits also emphasize the importance of the horse to American culture in the West.

  • Recent visitors who enjoyed a guided group tour include:
  • San Carlos History Museum Tour Group, May 2014, 15 people

  • Assemblyman Gordon and Staff: July 2014, 15 people
  • Hiking Group Meet Up Tour: August 2014, 20 people
  • Menlo Park Presbyterian Church Group: September 2014, 20 people

  • British MG touring group: September 2014: 25 people
  • Atherton Dames, October 2014: 25 people
  • Sunnyvale Photography Club
  • Woodside Hiking Group
  • Checkpoint Software Employees
  • South Bay Taiwanese People Meet Up

To arrange a tour, please contact our Program Manager at 650.851.2660 or email.