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The Friends of Huddart and Wunderlich Parks and the Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trust, Merck Foundation and Sorensen Foundation have partnered to make field trips accessible for schools with a significant portion of low income students. You may apply for transportation reimbursement and field trip fee waivers if you meet our criteria.

As one recipient notes, "At the school where I teach, approximately 83% of our families are identified as socioeconomically disadvantaged. On a more personal level, I was surprised to learn that a majority of my first grade students have never been to a forest. Having visited Huddart Park myself, I was eager to find a way to share its beauty with these children. We so appreciate your help in making this experience available to our first grade students!”

Susan Weistart
First-grade teacher
Anne Darling Elementary School


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To learn more and schedule a Field Trip, please contact our Program Manager at 650.851.2660 or email.

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