Wunderlich Park Trail Map

Redwood Trail 0.7 mile

The trail travels through mixed forest dominated by redwoods. This trail forms a 3.2 mile loop with the Madrone Trail. Horses are welcome.

Madrone Trail 0.9 mile

Almost a mile-long trail that can be used to form a 2.6-mile loop in lower Wunderlich Park. Horses are welcome.

Loop Trail 1.1 miles

A one-mile 12'-wide dirt road, good for groups who'd rather hike side-by-side than single file. The Loop and Alambique Trail can be used together as a 1.75 -mile loop. Horses are welcome.

Meadow Trail 1.5 miles

The Meadow Trail offers the only hike through “The Meadows” (Wunderlich’s only substantial grassland). It offers multiple benches and a vista point overlooking the southern half of San Francisco Bay. Horses are welcome.

Bear Gulch Trail 2.1 miles

A 2.5-mile trail that starts at the park entrance, passes through Redwood Flat and the Meadows, and ends at meets at a crossroads with Skyline Trail. Horses are welcome.

Alambique Trail 4.7 miles

Almost a five mile trail that passes through many different mixed forests. The largest known redwood in Wunderlich Park is on this trail on the way up to Alambique Flat. Horses are welcome.

Oak Trail 0.5 miles

A short trail that rolls gently through an oak woodland. The Oak Trail connects the Meadow and Alambique Trails. Horses are welcome.

Skyline Trail to Huddart Park 5.8 miles

(from Archery Fire Road)
A segment of the Bay Area Ridge Trail that connects Wunderlich and Huddart Parks. Horses are welcome.

Wunderlich Park Map