The following will help make the trip a success:

  1. Upon arrival, please wait in the picnic area near the parking lot. As the education program runs into the lunch hour, we suggest each child should have a snack before the beginning of the program. All snacks must be eaten outside in the picnic area and must be finished before entering the Folger Stable. Chaperones will be instructed while students are having their snack.
  2. A MINIMUM OF SIX (6) CHAPERONES IN ADDITION TO THE TEACHER IS REQUIRED to assist with the program. We will instruct the chaperones in the activities they will be helping with before the beginning of the program.
  3. Divide the class into FOUR GROUPS for outdoor activities. Students must have NAME TAGS with a different color or shape to identify their group.
  4. All children must wear clothing that can get dirty or damp.
  5. Please review with your students “The Safety Rules for Horses” found on the Teacher’s Guide prior to your program.
  6. Cameras are encouraged. We are always looking for photographs of this program. If chaperones take pictures of their students that they are willing to share with us for publicity purposes, please email them to The children will NOT be personally identified. If one chaperone plans to concentrate on taking pictures, then please bring a minimum of seven (7) chaperones. Please note that indoor flash photography near the horses is not allowed.
  7. Please turn off cell phones or place on vibrate for the duration of the tour.
  8. Please make copies of the chaperone letter for all adults accompanying the class. The chaperone letter is also available on our website,

Wunderlich Park Map